I compiled a list of questions that could be helpful when cultivating journaling as a practice for your kids. If your child cannot read or write, consider these great conversation starters.

Feel free to customize to the context of your home (or even better, your young one’s imagination!)

Under 3 years

  • What kind of monster would you be? Can you draw it?
  • What kind of animal would you be?
  • What color would you be if you could be any color?
  • What would happen if this toy were real?
  • What is your favorite thing to do?
  • Who is your favorite person?
  • What makes you…

Journaling in and of itself has its benefits, but even more, are its perks if started early.

On the evening of the Standard 4 overnight school trip, my mother came to my bedroom and handed me a pink glittered notebook. “Use this. Write about the things you see, the things you think about.. make notes about what you need so you won’t forget. Always travel with a book.”

A close second to her morning prayers, journaling was the greatest gift my mother gave to me. She taught me the art of “traveling with a book”, always having a place to…

Why understanding the educational philosophy of your child’s kindergarten matters

In a recent Instagram status, Kenyan social media influencer and content creator, Ivy (@just_ivy_) posed a question to her followers about how much they paid for their children’s education. The answers were fascinating, with some schools charging up to KES 900,000 (close to USD 9,000) per term for a kindergartener. These numbers are staggering, given the Kenyan context; yet parents are willing to spend millions of shillings on their children’s education, citing the quality of education in these schools to be worth the initial investment in the long-term.

What is…

How the COVID-19 pandemic opens opportunities for entrepreneurs in education

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted education as we knew it. The interruption of schooling worldwide with imposed lockdown restrictions has been eye-opening at the very least; with parents working from home, the public has recognized more of the caretaking role that schools have on our children. We are increasingly grateful for teachers and social workers by realizing the labor that goes into shaping minds, which almost always includes the process of shaping hearts.

But despite the negative impact that the pandemic has had, this dire situation opens…

Disclaimer: I wrote this article two years ago for a class on digital government at the Harvard Kennedy School. Thought it’d be fun to share. I enjoyed conceptualizing this!


Why an iterative process early on in the theatre production process matters.

It’s 7.15pm, and showtime is in fifteen minutes. My best friend, Sarah, holds my hand. “It will be fine, Eunie. You’ve worked hard on this — it’s going to be great!” But is it? I think to myself. I haven’t actually watched the play itself; I didn’t even get to go through the last scene with my cast

Eunice Mwabe

Educator. Founder at The Learners’ Club. Harvard ‘19

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